The 2020 South Australia U18 State Teams are a priority for Lacrosse South Australia. We have identified that passionate, enthusiastic and devoted team managers are an integral part of this process as we aim to provide a high-performance sporting experience for our best lacrosse players. Successful team managers would be actively involved in the early planning, including, instigating fund-raising opportunities for both men’s and women’s teams.


The SA Girls and Boys U18 State Teams will represent Lacrosse SA in the 2020 ALA Under 18 National Championship, Melbourne, Victoria.  The team will provide opportunities for all eligible players to develop their skills, athleticism and knowledge throughout a balanced program that allows for personal, club, state and national commitments. Lacrosse SA is now recruiting suitable candidates to lead, develop and support the team/s in the following position/s:


Team Manager






‐ Download and read the relevant position description (PD) and selection statement (SS).

‐ Complete the selection statement and save it to your device.

‐ Go to the online application form, enter your details and upload the SS and other required documents (specified in the PD).


Applications close Thursday, 20 February 2020.

We know this process can be time consuming, so we have made a few improvements to help. After completing this process for the first time your documents will remain in the database, so all you will need to do for future application is login click register.


We have also introduced the “selection statement” to help those assessing applications make more informed and fairer decisions. A selection panel will be responsible for assessing applications for Head Coach position/s and will present a recommendation to the Lacrosse SA Board. The selected Head Coach/s will then have the opportunity to work with relevant Lacrosse SA stakeholders to appoint further team personnel to required positions. Lacrosse SA may also choose to recruit candidates by other means if it feels it is in the best interest of the team, sport or Lacrosse SA.


For further information about the positions please contact the Lacrosse SA Office (


Yours sincerely,


Jarrod Brimble

Sport Administration Assistant