Officiating is a great way to participate in lacrosse, it can help you stay fit while earning some money and provides opportunities to travel within Australia and overseas.  Officials can help create a positive sporting environment and promote positive environments by being good role models.


Encourage fair play

– Always be fair, impartial and consistent.
– Encourage and praise good sporting behaviour.

Communicate well

– Communicate honestly, generously and fairly.
– Express decisions clearly.
– Keep your emotions in check and maintain composure.

Uphold the codes of behaviour

– Understand, uphold and support the code of behaviour for officials.

Keep up to date and organised

– Know the rules and understand the spirit of the game.
– Be conscientious and punctual.

For officials of junior sport, it’s also important to:

– Emphasise trying hard and having fun, not only winning.
– Place the safety and welfare of kids above all else.


LSA Officials Accreditation Levels

Level 4: International Accreditation and Participation
Level 3: National Accreditation and Participation
Level 2: Passed exam and assessment by SA Chief Referee/Chief Umpire
Level 1: New nominated Club Referee/Umpire (yet to be accredited)
Level 0: Junior Games


LSA Officials Online Exams

Officials Exams