Dear All

Given the current COVID-19 environment and the restrictions that are still in place, Lacrosse SA has decided to contact Clubs directly this year requesting that they host the finals series, this is to enable the maximum number of attendees at a venue.

All finals will be gated by Lacrosse SA (players, team personnel and officials free). The entry fee schedule is as follows:

  • Women’s State League Semin Finals and Preliminary Final (Glenelg Lacrosse Club) – FREE
  • Men’s Semi Finals (East Torrens Payneham Lacrosse Club) – $5 before 10am, $8 after 10am
  • Women’s Semi Finals (Woodville Lacrosse Club) – Gold coin donation (Cash Only)
  • Preliminary Finals (Woodville Lacrosse Club) – $5 before 10am, $8 after 10am
  • Grand Final (Brighton Lacrosse Club) – $8 before 10am, $10 after 10am

Team Lists must be provided to the Executive Officer 72 hours prior to the major round for checking (please use the attached excel spreadsheet to submit your team lists).

Please refer to the attached for game times and confirmation of major round eligibility.
Please note:

  • No eskies or alcohol will be permitted to be brought into any of the venues throughout all of the finals series.
  • The number of people entering the venue will be monitored to ensure compliance.
  • COVID Marshals will be present at all venues.

Sport Change Rooms

  • Communal changing rooms, shower facilities and sauna or spa facilities and toilets are now permitted to be used.
  • A fact sheet is available on Guidance for Sport Change Rooms with information related to:
    • People and numbers
    • The get in, get out philosophy
    • Cleaning and disinfection
    • Equipment
    • Massage and rubdowns
    • Hygiene
    • Food and beverages

Food and Beverage

  • Sporting and social clubs are defined public activities under the Directions issued by the South Australian Government.
  • Purchase and consumption of food or beverages (including alcohol) in clubrooms/clubhouses and at sporting venues is permitted if there are no communal food or beverage service areas used (i.e. buffets, salad bars, water/beverage dispensers).
  • Canteens can be open for the purchase and consumption of snack or hand-held food and non-alcoholic beverages by people while attending sport (including sports training), fitness or recreation activities.
  • Alcoholic beverages may be consumed by spectators at sporting events at local clubs if the spectator remains seated.
  • Food and beverages (including alcohol) must be consumed by patrons while seated at tables that are physically separate from any bar or are where orders are taken.
  • Food and beverages at a recreational facility (e.g. mini-golf, pool hall, tenpin bowling, high ropes course, etc.) must be consumed at an area separate from a bar/where orders are taken and within the group that are attending the facility.

BBQs / Sausage Sizzles / Shared Food

  • BBQs / sausage sizzles are now classified as “take away food” rather than communal food, and can now be held at sporting venues and community clubs.
  • Certain measures must be taken to reduce the risk of infection, including:
    • People being served must practice physical distancing when lining up to order and practice good hygiene.
    • No self-service of condiments etc. (person serving the food must apply condiments).
    • Cooked food must be protected from contamination and stored away from the area where orders are placed.
    • Shared food (i.e. oranges, lollies and recovery food) is still considered communal food and is not permitted.
    • Further information can be found here: FAQs: Communal and Shared Food

If you have any questions or issues, please let me know.

Giulia Marion
Executive Officer
Lacrosse SA